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4 Things That Drive Your Podiatrist Crazy

As podiatrists we see all sorts of problems and love helping people find the solutions that help them live a healthy and happy life. That being said, we have a confession. There’s some activities we see some patients take part in that drive us bonkers, mostly because they don’t realize they are doing themselves a huge disservice. Let’s take a look at the top four things that are driving your podiatrist crazy.

  • You Don’t Measure Your Feet – We know because you always sound surprised when we do measure them and tell you a size your weren’t expecting to hear. You say something like “but I’ve been a size 6 forever”, and we’ve got some news for you, no, you haven’t been that size for a while. This is because most patients don’t realize that as we age our feet continue to grow and change shape. As we age tendons tend to loosen and the fatty pads at the bottom of the feet go away, especially in females. So the next time you go shoe shopping make sure the salesman measures your feet, otherwise you’ll end up forcing them into shoes that are just too small.

  • Not Retiring Old Shoes – We understand this one completely, that old pair has seen you through a lot, and they are soft and seem comfy. While all that may be true we’re here to tell you that those old shoes are doing you more harm than good. As shoes age they tend to wear unevenly, forcing you to readjust as you walk or stand. Also, they just don’t have the kind of support anymore that your feet are crying out for. We recommend you replace shoes somewhere between 400 to 600 miles, which for the average American is about every 6 months.

  • Shopping for Shoes in The Morning – This is a common one, and often goes overlooked. Throughout the day your feet tend to swell a bit from all the walking and standing you’re doing. This means that a pair of shoes that fit snugly in the morning end up too tight by the afternoon. Always shop for shoes in the afternoon to make sure they’ll be comfortable on your feet all day long.

  • Wearing Flats Everywhere – Ok, this one is obviously directed more towards our female patients. While flats are significantly better for your feet than high heels and wedges, they are not designed to give you the support you need all day long. They provide next to no support for your arches or ankles and they certainly don’t provide enough cushioning. Instead opt for a pair of running shoes that provide you with loads of support and cushioning, the running industry has caught on in recent years and started to provide many stylish options that work for both your look and your feet at the same time.

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