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Ankle & Foot Falsehoods

We’ve all heard myths about our feet. Maybe they’ve grown from an old adage, or something that grandma used to swear by, but what’s the truth behind these myths? We’ve taken some of these “miracle cures” and gathered them here so we can lay some real knowledge on you.

Duct Tape & Warts – This is one we’ve even heard of primary care doctors trying. The idea is that if you cover a plantar wart with some duct tape then it will somehow “suffocate” the wart. If you’ve been told this we’ve got some bad news for you, it doesn’t really work. A plantar wart is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV) usually contracted in common wet areas, such as the pool or gym locker room. Unfortunately for this solution, the wart is getting plenty of oxygen from your bodies blood supply. For an efficient and effective treatment just visit your podiatrist, you’ll be happy you did

Vicks Vapo for Toenail Fungus – We usually hear about this one from someone who read an article online about it. While some of the chemicals in Vapo-Rub do have antifungal properties, they are not nearly in high enough concentrations to actively fight anything more than the most mild cases of toenail fungus. Even then it’s no guarantee, fungus usually invades the nail matrix, the area where the nail forms under the skin, and no amount to nail surface applications will ever reach this infection area. Your podiatrist has a vast array of treatment options that all work better than this repurposed over the counter congestion relief medicine.

Letting a Wound Get Air – This is a tricky one, because the underlying premise is correct, wounds need oxygen to help heal. However, your body doesn’t get oxygen through your skin, you’ve got lungs and a circulatory system that is designed to deliver oxygen, and it works pretty great. Uncovering a properly dressed wound just opens it up to possible infection, which will only make everything worse. Bandages are your wounds best friend when it comes to keeping them clean and protected. Keep that wound clean and change the dressing daily or follow the wound care instructions you doctor gives you.

Pointy Shoes Cause Bunions – This myth stems from our parents and grandparents generations and we’re here to say, once and for all, pointy toed shoes do not cause bunions. Your genetics and underlying bio-mechanical structure is the reason for your bunions. Now, with that being said, pointy toed shoes can make a bunion worse, speeding up it’s progression, but they are never the root cause of the problem. If you have small bunions forming then shoes with good support and a wide toe box should be your best friend, they can actually slow the progress of a bunion. Unfortunately the only way to fix a bunion is surgical correction, but thanks to advances in medical science, fixing bunions is easier and less painful than ever!

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