Burning and Tingling Feet

One of the common complaints that podiatrists hear is the burning in the feet and ankles. While there are many possible reasons of this symptoms we’re going to explore a more rare one, tarsal tunnel syndrome.

Much like it’s cousin in the hands, carpal tunnel syndrome, tarsal tunnel is caused by a compression of nerves in the tarsal tunnel, the area of arteries, tendons and nerves surrounded by ligament on the inside of the ankle and leading to beneath the foot. This is most commonly a result of an ankle injury, but it is also common to see patients with flat feet develop tarsal tunnel syndrome due to the outward tilting of the heel that occurs with fallen arches, causing compression on the nerve.

This nerve is responsible for most of the sensation in your feet, so when it is compressed it results in a tingling or burning pain, and sometimes a numbness in the foot.

If left untreated tarsal tunnel syndrome can lead to permanent nerve damage. Podiatrists will use several types of testing, including nerve conduction studies, to differentiate tarsal tunnel syndrome from other foot problems with similar symptoms, such as neuropathy.

Your podiatrist has several treatment options available for tarsal tunnel syndrome. Some conservative treatment measures include corrective shoe inserts to control the motion of the foot and ankle, oral anti-inflammatory medications, injection therapy as well as physical therapy. These conservative treatment methods are usually sufficient to relieve pain. In the rare instances that conservative treatments are ineffective then your podiatrist may recommend a surgical intervention in order to release the pressure on the tendon.

If you or a loved one is experiencing a burning or tingling sensation in the foot it is important to visit your podiatrist as soon as possible in order to help prevent future complications. The podiatrists at Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC can offer in office testing in order to determine the cause of the pain and create a treatment plan that will help you get back on your feet and enjoying life pain free.

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