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Children's Foot Problems

In our last blog post we discussed how to choose your child's next pair of shoes. But what if your child is suffering from a foot or ankle problem? Sometimes it’s hard to tell when a child has a foot problem, but there are some signs to watch out for that may indicate problems.


  1. Trouble Keeping Up With Peers. If you notice your child is having trouble keeping up with their friends while at play it may be a sign your child suffers from flatfoot. This causes the muscles in the legs to work harder, which leads to fatigue.

  2. They Do Not Want to Show You Their Feet. A child may hide common problems out of fear of a doctor's office visit. Inspect your child's feet regularly for signs of problems such as calluses, growths, skin discoloration or redness and swelling around the toenails.

  3. Your Child Withdraws From Activities They Enjoy. This is a common sign that your child may be experiencing foot or ankle pain, but does not want to tell you.

  4. Your Child Complains of Foot Pain. Foot and ankle pain is not normal in children. While some injuries may seem minor you should never encourage a child to “play through the pain”. Even minor injuries can be greatly aggravated this way.

Now that you know the signs to keep a watchful eye for let’s explore the most common childhood foot problems.


If you suspect your child is having trouble and experiencing foot or ankle pain, please visit your local Ankle & Foot Associates office. Our friendly podiatrists and staff will be happy to evaluate and discuss the best treatment options for your child’s young feet.

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