Debunking Foot Myths

If there’s something we’ve heard enough of as podiatrists it’s myths about your feet that just aren’t true. We’ve compiled several below, along with the truth about what you need to know so you don’t make the wrong decisions.

  1. Frogs Cause Warts This is a pretty famous one, but as you may have suspected it has no truth to it, especially when it comes to warts on your feet. Warts are caused by exposure to the human papillomavirus (HPV), most likely in a pool, shower or locker room area, so be sure to wear shower shoes whenever possible.

  2. Hydrogen Peroxide Cleans Wounds While this one is not entirely false, hydrogen peroxides cleaning abilities have been way over acclaimed for years. Recent studies have shown that hydrogen peroxide can cause damage to healing skin. Instead try cleaning wounds with soap and water, or a sterile saline solution, these won’t damage healing tissue.

  3. Bunions Are Caused By Shoes. Another very common myth with some truth to it. While bunions are definitely not caused by shoes that are too tight (the primary cause is genetics, odds are bunions run in your family) the bunion can progress more rapidly by wearing tight shoes that cause crowding in the toe area. If you suffer from bunions, instead try to wear shoes with a wide toe box and that provide good arch support, as these will slow the progression of a bunion.

  4. Trimming Toenails Into Their Corners Prevents Ingrown Nails This one is not only wrong, it is the exact opposite, trimming or rounding nails into their corners can frequently cause ingrown nails! Make sure to trim nails directly across in a straight line to help prevent them from becoming ingrown.

  5. You Can’t Do Anything About A Broken Toe. This has to be the most common myth we hear in podiatry. The problem with this myth is that it is not even remotely correct. Intervention of a broken toe by a podiatrist can not only help assure proper healing, but also speed up the healing and provide relief.

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