Gifts for Feet This Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us and with all of the hustle and bustle it’s easy to forget about taking care of your feet. Whether they are for you or someone you love these gifts will help to keep feet happy and healthy all year long.

Shoes - Americans tend to replace their shoes well after they should. Podiatrists recommend a new pair every 400-500 miles, so the average American should be replacing shoes every 4-6 months. While finding the right size may be a pain you can always purchase a gift card to your local shoe store for a gift that will keep your loved one comfortable and fashionable this holiday season.

Orthotic Inserts - Studies have shown that the use of inserts can not only increase the comfort of a pair of shoes but can also help to support overall body health. They help to support the arch and cushion each and every step. You can find quality over the counter inserts at your local running store or podiatrists office, or you can go big and upgrade to a fully custom set of orthotics from your podiatrist.

New Socks - Most socks don’t age well at all, so it’s always a good idea to give some socks as a present during the holiday season. You can even decide to pamper everyone on your list and go for comfortable moisture wicking merino wool socks that will keep feet warm and happy all winter long!

Pedicures - Pamper your toes with some professional attention this season, or buy a gift card to pass the love on. Make sure when picking out a pedicure shop that they use disposable foot tub liners and have an autoclave (machine that sterilizes tools) in the shop. Pay attention to online reviews too, because the last thing you want for Christmas is a toenail fungus from a dirty pedicurist shop!

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