Smelly Feet

Who among us can say that they have never experienced smelly feet? While most of us have experienced smelly feet from time to time a smaller number of people struggle with smelly feet everyday. But do not despair, we have some simple tips to follow that can help improve those smelly feet.


Smelly feet are usually caused by bacteria or fungus on the feet. There’s several things that can lead to this bacteria or fungal growth, but the primary cause is usually feet that are very sweaty. This is often caused by a problem called hyperhidrosis. When the feet are very sweaty it can create an ideal environment for bacteria and fungus growth, especially in close toed shoes. Excessive sweat becomes trapped and with the warm and dark environment created by shoes can help to foster the growth of bacteria and fungus. To prevent this build up try the following:



If you've tried all of these tips and still can’t seem to get those smelly feet under control then it’s time to visit your friendly neighborhood podiatrist. They can prescribe stronger drying agents to make sure that your feet stay dry and smell free all day long!

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