Springtime Heel Pain

It’s springtime and with the beautiful weather everyone is outside and getting active. Frequently in spring we see and increase in the number of patients coming in with heel pain, most frequently plantar fasciitis. We’ve put together a useful list of tips to help you avoid the potential springtime foot pains.

Wear Supportive Shoes - We understand how easy it is to throw on a pair of flip flops and head out the door for hiking, picnics, the beach, or a game of softball with friends. While sandals may seem with the thing for warmer weather most don’t provide the kind of support needed for these kind of activities. Opt for a shoe or sandal with plenty of arch support. If you need help and guidance ask your podiatrist, they will have some good recommendations for supportive foot gear.

Stretch - Just like before a long run, stretching is a great idea before a long day of activities. Your joints muscles and tendons will benefit significantly from some stretching exercises, especially if you're playing sports like volleyball, baseball or basketball. These types of activities put your feet and ankles through their paces, so best to give them time to warm up.

Rest - With all of these activities we often see patients suffer from overuse injuries, like plantar fasciitis and achilles tendonitis. Make sure to make time to rest your tired muscles time to heal and repair. If you experience soreness and tenderness don’t be afraid to apply some heat to sore muscles and ice to injuries (we recently wrote this blog to clear up when you should apply heat versus when you should apply ice).

Know When To See A Doctor - If you’ve experienced an injury that doesn’t seem to heal or soreness that does not go away please go see a medical professional. While some discomfort is normal when starting new activities be mindful of pain that persists. Pain is our bodies only way of letting us know that something may be wrong, so pay attention to these signals and make an appointment when necessary.

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