Corns & Calluses

What is a Corn?

A common foot problem, a corn is a circular thick skin lesion, typically occurring on the top of the foot. Corns are formed from repeated pressure placed on the skin. The term corn comes from the lesions resemblance to a kernel of corn. Corns differ from calluses because of their circular shape, and typical placement on top of the foot.

There are several options your podiatrist can recommend for treating corns. However, if the underlying cause of the corn is not corrected the corn can recur. Over the counter pads to treat corns are usually not recommended because they cause the breakdown of the corn, which opens the skin to an increased likelihood of infection.  

What is a Callus?

Calluses are thickened patches of skin on the foot caused by regular repeated rubbing, such as by a tight fitting shoe. This regular rubbing causes the body to thicken the skin in these areas. Over time these patches of thick skin can become uncomfortable or even painful. 

Multiple treatments are available for painful calluses. Patients are cautioned from cutting or grinding calluses at home, as this commonly leads to cuts and infection. Your podiatrist can treat calluses, but if the cause of calluses is not removed it is common for them to reoccur. 

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