About Dr. McKenna

Danielle McKenna, DPM, is a knowledgeable board-certified podiatrist at Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, at their two locations in Jesup and Baxley, Georgia. Dr. McKenna is known for her attentive care and friendly, likable demeanor. Growing up, Dr. McKenna moved around to a few different places, including New Jersey and Buffalo, New York.

Dr. McKenna earned her Bachelor of Science degree from Evangel University in Springfield, Missouri, before teaching one year of high school level science classes in biology, earth science, and advanced chemistry. She also coached junior varsity high school basketball.

Despite enjoying the challenges and rewards of teaching, Dr. McKenna couldn’t shake her lifelong dream of becoming a doctor and helping others enhance wellness and quality of life.

Dr. McKenna earned her doctor of podiatric medicine degree from New York College of Podiatric Medicine in New York City before finishing a three-year surgical residency at Grant Medical Center in Columbus, Ohio. She’s also a fellow of the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons.

Before joining Ankle and Foot Associates in 2019, Dr. McKenna was in private practice for over seven years. She loves feeling like part of the supportive medical community at Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, and the research and opportunities that the field of podiatry brings.

Dr. McKenna treats a wide spectrum of foot and ankle conditions, such as bunions, ankle sprains, flat feet, hammertoes, diabetic feet, arthritis, joint disease, plantar fasciitis, and heel spurs. She has a special interest in limb salvage and sports medicine injuries.

An athlete at heart, Dr. McKenna relishes the satisfaction of helping her patients live a healthier lifestyle and getting them back into the game, on the field, or back to the activities that bring them joy.

Throughout childhood, Dr. McKenna was involved in and enthralled by sports like basketball, track & field, and soccer. Today, she is an avid runner, and she’s completed five half marathons to date. She enjoys lifting, gardening, the outdoors, the ocean, and staying active with her three children, her husband, and her lovable puggle Gertrude.