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Pedicure Dangers

As podiatrists you can probably imagine that our opinions on pedicures are not exactly stellar. This is because we tend to see a lot of what can happen when pedicures go wrong. It is common for us to treat ingrown toenails and fungal infections that have occured after a visit to the local pedicurist. To make sure you don’t fall victim to these problems make sure you follow the tips below.


  • Make sure your pedicure shop uses sterilized instruments. If any instrument that is being used on your toes is not completely sterilized between clients then there is a chance of germs being transferred. This does not include disinfecting sprays and gels, which can still leave germs behind. The only way to make sure the instruments your pedicure shop is using are sterile is to make sure they use an autoclave in their cleaning process. An autoclave is an oven like device used for sterilizing medical instruments. It uses pressurized steam at extremely high temperatures to kill all germs. Call you pedicure shop and ask if they use one. If not you can always bring your own instruments to you appointment, you can purchase a pedicure tool kit at any beauty supply shop.


  • Make sure that the pedicurist cuts the nails straight across. When the nails are cut inward at the edges it can lead to the formation of an ingrown nail, especially if you are already prone to ingrown toenails.


  • If the shop soaks the feet make sure that disposable tub liners are used for every client. Even if the shop drains and wipes down the foot baths between each customer the pipes that both feed water and drain water can be great hiding spots for fungus and bacteria. Those pipes are dark, wet, and warm, an ideal place for fungus to grow and thrive.


Another note, most podiatrists advise against their diabetic patients visiting a pedicurist. Diabetics, as well as anyone else with a compromised immune system should always consult their podiatrist for any foot care needs.


If you suspect you’ve picked up something unwanted from your last pedicure please call your local Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC office for an appointment. We have 18 offices throughout south Georgia and coastal South Carolina to better serve you and your loved ones.

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