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Diagnostic Ultrasound

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Diagnostic ultrasound is a noninvasive imaging technique that reveals important information about the inside of your foot, including the presence of plantar fasciitis. Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, offers on-site diagnostic ultrasounds at most of their 12 convenient locations throughout Southern Georgia and South Carolina. If you need a diagnostic foot ultrasound, call the nearest office, or book an appointment online today.

Diagnostic Ultrasound Q & A

What is a diagnostic ultrasound?

A diagnostic ultrasound uses sound waves to produce images of the inside of your body. The team at Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, uses diagnostic ultrasounds to examine the structures of your foot and ankle. 

Whereas an X-ray only produces images of your bones, ultrasounds can diagnose problems with your soft tissues, including muscles, tendons, and ligaments. An ultrasound also produces images in real-time, so your podiatrist can observe your tissues while you move.  

What foot problems can an ultrasound diagnose?

The Ankle & Foot Associates team uses ultrasound imaging to diagnose many foot conditions, including:

  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Heel spurs
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Ankle sprains
  • Achilles tendinitis or tendon rupture
  • Posterior tibial tendon dysfunction or rupture
  • Rheumatoid arthritis

A noninvasive diagnostic ultrasound helps your provider see the width and girth of the plantar fascia to determine whether it’s inflamed or injured.

What foot procedures does ultrasound help with?

One of the greatest advantages of ultrasound technology is the ability to guide injections. If you need a therapeutic injection to reduce pain or inflammation, your provider at Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, may use ultrasound to guide the needle to the precise location. 

Ultrasounds also monitor your progress after a surgical treatment. If you’ve had ankle or foot surgery, your provider may perform a postoperative ultrasound to make sure everything is in order and healing properly.

What should I expect from a diagnostic ultrasound?

Diagnostic ultrasound is completely noninvasive, so you don’t need to worry about incisions or anesthesia. It’s also very safe. Unlike X-rays and some other imaging tests, ultrasound doesn’t involve exposure to radiation. 

You don’t need to do anything special to prepare for a diagnostic ultrasound at Ankle & Foot Associates. Before the procedure, your provider may apply a small amount of gel to your skin to help the soundwaves pass through. Then they gently press on your foot or ankle with a wand called a transducer. 

Ultrasounds aren’t painful, but you may feel a slight vibrating sensation. After the procedure, your provider cleans off the gel, and you can resume normal activities right away. 

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