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Toenail Fungus

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Toenail fungus can discolor, warp, and generally destroy your nails — but Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, has a state-of-the-art solution for you. The PinPointe™ FootLaser™ is more effective than topical and oral medication for toenail fungus, and it gives you long-lasting results with short-and-easy treatments. There are 12 Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, locations throughout Southern Georgia and South Carolina, so call the one nearest you or book an appointment online anytime.

Toenail Fungus Q & A

What is toenail fungus?

Toenail fungus is an infection that invades your body via skin lacerations or tiny cracks in your toenails. The microscopic fungi collect under your nail plate to cause toenail symptoms such as:

  • Warping
  • Thickening 
  • Yellow or white spots
  • Ragged edges
  • Crumbling
  • Foul smell

If you don't treat toenail fungus when it appears, it often spreads to other toenails or the skin between your toes. Between your toes, the fungus is called athlete's foot. 

What causes fungal nails?

Fungal nails are caused by a variety of fungi, the most common of which is the dermatophyte. Less commonly, mold and yeast can cause nail fungus. Most nail fungus starts after you walk barefoot in the type of humid, damp places where fungi flourish. This includes swimming pools and public showers. You can also get toenail fungus from a nail salon that doesn’t properly clean instruments and equipment between uses.

Certain conditions and situations may leave you susceptible to fungal nails, including circulatory and immune system disorders. 

How does fungal toenail treatment work?

Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, offers the advanced technology of the PinPointe FootLaser. This treatment sends short laser pulses through your toenail to destroy the fungal infection. 

PinPoint FootLaser is more effective than oral antifungal medications and topical ointments because it works directly on the fungi beneath the nail plate rather than working around them. You can resume normal activity immediately after laser treatment.

How do I prevent toenail fungus from recurring?

After clearing your toenail fungus, Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, recommends: 

Antifungal cream

Apply antifungal cream all over your feet as directed. After laser treatment, use the cream twice a day for two weeks. Continue with daily applications afterward.

Spray or sterilizer

Use an antifungal spray in your shoes when you remove them. Or you can use an ultraviolet sterilizer, SteriShoe®. 

Antifungal powder

If your feet are constantly damp from sweating, use an antifungal foot powder.

Nail care tools

Purchase new nail care tools, including clippers and files, since your current tools could be infected. Clean your instruments regularly with boiling water or diluted bleach going forward.

Consistent nail trimming

Trim your nails regularly. Cut straight across to avoid new problems like ingrown toenails. 

Protecting your feet

Wear protective shoes like flip-flops when you’re in the places where fungi grow. Avoid going barefoot in general. 

The team at Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC, may also have other personalized recommendations to help you avoid foot fungus. 

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