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Shoe Care

So you’ve just bought a brand new pair of supportive shoes, good for you. Now what can you do to make sure that your new pair of shoes can have a long and supportive life? We’ve put together some helpful tips to make sure your shoes stay supportive and clean until they are ready to be retired.


  • Kill Bacteria – Shoes are the ideal place for nasty bacteria to not only grown but thrive. Shoes create a dark, warm and moist environment, which both bacteria and fungus love. Don’t let these nasty fellas get a foothold (pun intended) on your new shoes. After a long day take off your shoes and remove the inserts (if you have them) then spray down both your inserts and the inside of your shoes with an antibacterial spray such as Lysol. This will kill any bacteria and prevent the build up of fungus in the shoes. Allow them to dry overnight.

  • Unlace Them – This is possibly the most overlooked bit of advice, but it is a very useful one. It’s easy to just kick off your shoes at the end of a long day, but if you don’t unlace them first you damage the heel counter at the back of the shoe. The heel counter is what provides your foot and ankle a lot of support, forcing your foot out of a laced up shoe weakens the heel counter over time, aging shoes before their time.

  • Know When To Call It Quits – This is probably one of the most common causes of feet and ankle fatigue, walking around in shoes that are too old. Your podiatrist recommends you replace your shoes every 500 miles, or for the average American every 3-6 months. This means you should be going through at least two pairs a year. More if you are a runner or have a job that keeps you on your feet all day.


    If you follow these tips your sure to get the most life out of your new pair of shoes. If you are experiencing any pain while in your well taken care of shoes then contact your local podiatrist and schedule a visit. Ankle & Foot Associates, LLC has multiple office locations throughout Georgia and South Carolina to better serve our patients.

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