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Vaseline & Your Feet

As podiatrists we see certain home remedies for foot problems time and again. Some of these home remedies have some real facts at their base and can actually affect positive change on your feet, and some don’t have any ground to stand on. In this weeks blog post we will be discussing a product that may be in many patients everyday foot health routine, petroleum jelly, better known by its brand name, Vaseline.


Vaseline is a petroleum by-product and it certainly does have many properties that can be very helpful for your feet. It is slick and can be used to help keep body parts from rubbing and becoming irritated. It is a favorite of distance runners for its ability to prevent blisters. All of this is very helpful, but many patients are using petroleum jelly for a totally different purpose; moisturizing their feet. Unfortunately because of it’s thick oily consistency it sits on top of skin and does not get absorbed. While it does not impart any moisture on the foot it can be used on dry, cracked heels to seal the skin and prevent any more damage and moisture loss.


So what can patients do for dry feet? A good thick moisturizer cream can help, like Lubriderm or Eucerin, they can impart a lot of moisture to dry feet. These products are most effective when applied after bathing and right before going to bed. But don’t slather the whole foot, take care to avoid applying moisturizers between toes, as this can lead to excessive moisture in between toes, an ideal environment for fungus growth. If this is still not enough to help heal dry feet you may want to visit your podiatrist, they can prescribe moisturizers that can be more effective than over the counter products.


If you or a loved one is in pain from dry, cracked heels then please make an appointment at one of Ankle & Foot Associates many locations in Georgia and South Carolina. Our kind doctors and staff will be happy to help you get back your soft, supple feet again.

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