What is a Bunion?

A common foot problem, bunions appear as a bump on the side of the foot at the base of the big toe joint. This is caused by a bony deformity at the joint, which forces the big toe to bend inward towards the smaller toes. 

Bunions are a progressive disorder and will usually worsen over time if left untreated. Over time the angle of the big toe increases, and the size of the bump will grow in turn. 


Bunions are typically a hereditary problem, with certain foot types being more prone to developing bunions. 

It is common to see bunions worsen if constrictive closed toed shoes are worn on a regular basis. 


The following are symptoms associated with bunions: 

  • Inflammation - redness and swelling at the joint.

  • Burning - a burning sensation on the bunion is common.  

  • Pain - pain and soreness at the site of the bunion.

  • Numbness - lack of sensation at the bunion is sometimes reported. 


Early conservative treatment of bunions aims to reduce the symptoms, but will not reverse the progression of the bunion.

  • Shoewear - a change in shoe gear, especially to supportive shoes with a wide toe box (the frontmost area of the shoes) may slow the progression of the bunion. 

  • Activity Changes - a change to fewer activities that irritate the bunion, such as standing or walking for long periods of time, is recommended.

  • Oral Medications - Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), such as aspirin or ibuprofen, may be used to reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Ice - Applying ice at regular intervals throughout the day can help to reduce inflammation and pain.

  • Orthotic Inserts - a common and effective way to treat bunions. Orthotic devices can help to support the foots natural arch, thus reducing pressure on the big toe joint. 

  • Lapiplasty Bunion Surgery - the newest form of bunion surgery. Advanced technology and minimally invasive, this surgery has healing times 2x - 3x faster than traditional bunion surgery. 

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